Non-woven textiles

Our products are used in road and motorway construction and reconstruction, railways, tunnels, landfill construction and remediation, construction of hardstand as well as construction and redevelopment of industrial and civil facilities. 

We manufacture needle punched geotextiles from 100 g/m2 to 1200 g/m2, for permanent as well as temporary solutions, optimised for the given use, width up to 600 cm.

  • Non-woven geotextiles made of polypropylene rayon staple,
  • Non-woven geotextiles made of polyester rayon staple,
  • Non-woven geotextiles made of recycled materials,
  • Non-woven geotextiles laminated by foil. 

We offer thermally and acoustically insulated boards from 600 g/m2 to 6000 g/m2 based on the airlaid technologies and made of polyester, linen, cotton, wool; width up to 240 cm.

  • Boards for soundproofing and footfall sound insulation of light and heavy floors,
  • Thermal insulation and soundproofing  for light partition walls, roofs, ceiling, timber-frame structures,
  • Boards for protection of vertical and horizontal foils and membranes,
  • Boards for green roofs – drainage and retention layers.


Intermediate checks as well as regular products tests carried out by our laboratory guarantee quality and reliability of our deliveries. „CE“ marked products are regularly tested by independent accredited laboratories. RETEX a.s. is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, IATF 16949 and ISO 50001 : 2011 successfully passes customer audits.