To manufacture our products, we employ a number of technologies and production lines and therefore we can offer a broad spectrum of products that can be applied in a number of industries. Geotextiles can be applied in the production of disc polishers, protective boards in the manufacture of utility vehicle extensions or as part of special packaging. We manufacture blankets for humanitarian purposes, cleaning cloth and we also have customers in the field of filtration. 

Our production portfolio includes, besides products for the automotive and construction industries, a major share of the following products:

Fibrous mixtures

Two high-performance lines in Stráž nad Nisou recycle textile raw materials, in particular cotton, polyester and their mixtures.  These are used as inputs for the follow-up textile production or as cleaning materials in mechanical engineering.

Load-distributing layers on spring system mattresses, mattress core manufacture

For the leading spring system mattress manufacturers we supply textiles made of recycles materials that are often strengthened by synthetic impregnation or polypropylene textile. The offer for the furniture industry is expanded by the production of foam mattress cores, the cores are made of recycled polyester and they feature better properties than recycled PUR foams.


Protective textiles

Protective textile MALERVLIES is manufactured in RETEX on a large scale, it is a textile made of recycled materials bound with a non-slip polyethylene foil. It is very popular with house painters and decorators, protects furniture and floor against paint stains and its use is easy and efficient. RETEX makes regular investments in new production lines and therefore we can expand by offering new types of products, and potentially offer the existing products with better product manufacture quality.

Export accounts for more than 50% of our turnover, we export our products mainly to clients in Europe but also overseas.