New insulation for Latvia

RETEX has achieved an enormous success with its eco-friendly material designed for trains. The company won a tender put out by Škoda Transportation for a comprehensive insulation system for trains run by Latvian Railway – the dominant railway transportation company in Latvia. The total volume will exceed 15,000m2 of insulation, which is based on the principles of the circular economy.

The delivery is intended for 32 modern suburban single-deckers and includes the newly developed eco-friendly insulation material Envizol Train. The insulation is made from recycled material using a method which is unique in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe – it is made from recycled polyester fibres with a special surface finish. The material uniqueness lies mainly in the use of special non-flammable fibres and in the way they are placed. An important feature is the fact that the material is environmentally friendly – it is a product of the “circular” economy, which is characterized by recycling and minimization of waste.

Focus on the circular economy

“Winning the tender proves that our focus on new technologies which are based on the principles of the circular economy makes sense,” says Robert Šimek, managing director of RETEX.

Saving the environment and costs

One of the factors that contributed to RETEX’s success was the fact that the company Škoda Vagonka (a member of the Škoda Transportation Group) decided to use a composite material which has a self-adhesive layer. In addition to excellent insulation properties, it saves costs and time during installation. Envizol Train also features a drainage layer, which allows the condensate to drain off smoothly. This solution prevents corrosion. The material also meets the most stringent requirements for non-flammability.

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